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High Protein Diets are prevalent in weight loss culture and have been for decades. The supplement and fitness industry have hyped up protein powders, protein bars and meal replacements for so long that we all think automatically – a high protein diet is the way to be healthy and fit. While protein is an imperative nutrient in the human diet, implementing low to moderate protein intake periodically can also be beneficial.

Altering your protein intake is a difficult concept to buy into for most people because of all the information fed to us through weight loss culture.

So let me explain why we should:

What is “Metabolic Acidosis”?

Recent studies show that consuming a High Protein Diet for an extended period of time, can trigger low levels of metabolic acidosis. Which is referred to as:

“Diet-Induced Low-Grade Metabolic Acidosis”

What is “Metabolic Acidosis”?

Simply put…The buildup of acid in the body.

How to avoid it Metabolic Acidosis

Many holistic doctors suggest to skip

eating protein periodically to allow your body to re-calibrate. High protein diets by nature are Acidic, and being in a state of acidosis may contribute to many nagging health problems.

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