Advanced Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy

The Qest4 System Approach:
Causal Chain and Priorities

To have a healthy BODY/OPTIMAL wellness, everything must be in balance. When one body system or function is off or dis-resonant, it will create a causal chain reaction throwing other systems or functions out of balance. This chain reaction or domino effect is called Causal Chain.
What AMCH is offering, is a pathway to clear up the causal chain in the order in which that interconnectedness has determined as “priority.” Once these imbalances are addressed, you will notice that your chief aliments that are causing discomfort and/or frustration will often clear up or alleviate!

Gut health should be a top priority as it plays a MAJOR role; in that, it directs the immune system to prepare for battle or to stand down. Causal chain: Unhealthy Gut + Weakened Immunity = Unhealthy Body. 

The immune system is constantly battling against threats such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, and sensitivities. However, when the immune system is overwhelmed by these challenges or compromised due to various factors like toxin buildup or imbalances, it can’t effectively address other health concerns.

Individuals often seek relief for their primary health complaints trying one therapy after another, one prescription, one NSAID, one laxative but find little success because their body’s resources are diverted to deal with other underlying issues, i.e. chasing symptoms. These seemingly minor problems may not only hinder the resolution of the primary complaint but also contribute to its persistence by “feeding” and supporting it.

The approach being offered through the Qest4 system involves identifying and addressing the priorities within the causal chain. By strategically focusing on clearing up these underlying, root cause imbalances and supporting the immune system, individuals can pave the way for more effective resolution of their chief health concerns.

It takes time. Be patient. Be committed. It’s a journey, expect up’s and down’s along the way
It’s emphasized that the journey towards health is often a process involving multiple steps, akin to stepping-stones. Rushing to address the primary complaints without first addressing the underlying imbalances may lead to unnecessary strain and toxic reactions within the body. Patience, commitment, and trust in the prioritized approach outlined in the scan results are key to achieving lasting health improvements!


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